American Skid Marks
Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

The Three Pronged “Dont Die” Plan

I don’t want to die. Actually, and far more importantly, I don’t want to get badly maimed. Don’t get me wrong, dying would suck. But really, dying is just an empty void of … nothing. It’s the debilitating pain and misery of injury that I want to avoid. To that end, I plan on doing several things:

  1. Buy armor.

    Yeah, I know, this is a no brainer. Unfortunately, I currently ride in denims and ‘tactical boots’. I have a good jacket, gloves and helmet, but if I were to crash badly, the roadrash on my butt and legs would be like something out of an apocalyptic ‘killer flesh eating bacteria’ movie. Seriously, go do a Google image search for ‘road rash’ and flip through a few pages. Naaaaastyyyy! I’ve been searching for a pair of riding pants that will fit over my big butt, but I cannot find anything that feels comfortable. As sad as it is to say, any pants that will fit over my ass are too long for my legs 😦 (I guess ‘getting in shape’ should be on this list of survival strategies). I’ll keep looking I guess. For the time being I’ve ordered a pair of Bohn Adventure Pants. I know, I know they don’t do anything for the dreaded road rash but at least they will help prevent serious blunt force trauma to my ass and legs. Should we talk about my ass some more? No? Kay …

  2. Ride my motorcycle.

    Better riders fall less. One obvious way to get better is to get out and ride. Again, a no brainer. Seattle was blessed with a bit of sunshine on Saturday (2/6/10) and Monday (2/8/10) and I finally got my bike out for a ride out to Duvall / Carnation / Monroe / Sultan. Not quite as twisty as I was hoping for, but it was the first couple of rides I took outside the city this year. I was honestly struck by how brown Washington is this time of year. God, I can’t wait until Spring. As the Spring creeps back into the northwest I’m planning several multi-day warm up rides.
    Here are some of them:

    These I hope to not be doing on my own, so hopefully, I’ll be able to talk some of my riding friends into going. Perhaps, this might be a good time to let folks know that I’m keeping a blog.

  3. Get some training.

    Educated riders fall less. Over and over, you hear statistics about how much less likely you are to crash if you’ve taken a riding class. I took the MSF basic riders class several years ago when I was first learning to ride and I can say with absolute confidence that the education I received is directly responsible for the fact that I have never had a major accident. So, I’ve registered for the Experienced Rider Course on March 6 with the guys at Puget Sound Safety. I’ll also be taking their Total Control course on May 15th. The Total Control class sounds like a blast and is just in time for me to get some advanced training before departure.

Now, none of this guarantees that my tires stay down on the pavement. It will, however, be a tremendous amount of fun to do. I mean, buying shit is fun! Riding my motorcycle is fun! Roadtrips are fun! School is … er … fun when you do it on a motorcycle! How much fun can I have while trying to ensure my safety? A buttload!


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