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Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

Route Maps Are (mostly) Done!

Where the hell am I going? And how long will it all take? To answer these questions I took out my trusty Rand McNally atlas (Best Eats edition! ;)) and fired up Google Maps. Now, I thought plotting out my route would be a simple process that would only take a few hours. Wuh-rong! I’ve spent entire days doing nothing but plotting routes in Google Maps and then dragging them around to hit the roads that are marked as ‘scenic’ in my atlas. It’s not torturous or anything, (I think I’ve mentioned my fondness of map porn previously) but it has taken me a long time to finish this post.

The route is broken down into 6 legs and each leg is broken down into riding days. This allows me to see how many days I need in the saddle to cover the distance. Much more importantly it then gives me an estimate of how many ‘rest and sightseeing’ days I have available to me. That is, I’ll be taking days off in between riding days to sight-see, rest, work on my bike, update my blog and catch up on correspondence. There are links to all of the legs in the ‘Quick Navigation’ section in the right column of the blog.

All of the routes are tentative. I may re-route to more interesting places or I may split some of the currently longer days into multiple days. Also, I have this crazy idea that I’ll be able to attend Burning Man this year. So, I’ve only plotted the route as far as Gerlach, NV and the turn off into the dessert from State Route 34. There are a lot of things that will have to go right for that to happen, but I’m optimistic; the burner community is full of folks that are helpful and supportive and hopefully, I’ll be able to find some who are willing to haul my food/gear/clothes to The Playa.

So far, I’ll be in the saddle for 65 days. Arriving at the greeters station in the Black Rock Dessert I will have covered very close to 15,000 miles. I will have visited 39 states, 3 Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia (before the end of the trip I will add 1 more state, Oregon, and 1 more province, British Columbia).

I’m getting goosebumps. The days are ticking away and the departure date draws closer and closer. Does this feel real yet?


5 Responses to “Route Maps Are (mostly) Done!”

  1. Damn dude, I am jealous! That looks like alot of fun, hopefully you get a ton of chance to see the country. I’ve seen most of it from the freeway and this trip looks a ton more enjoyable then my experience was.

    We should hang out before you leave.

  2. […] at the time. That would have given me 86 days to get from Seattle around to the Bay Area. Based on my earlier plans I have 65 riding days. That would leave me with only 21 rest and recuperation days. Not bad, but […]

  3. Get a GPS. I would recommend the Garmin GPSMAP 60cx, because you can use it for more then just road. I have used it for hiking, marine, and dont let the FAA know, but aviation also 🙂

    • I already have a Nuvi 760 for my car and I just picked up a RAM handlebar mount. I’m going to run power to my tankbag and charge all of my electrics from there. I’ll post some photos of the setup once I get it all hooked up.

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