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A Change of Plans – Departure Date Set

Those of you who know me know that I am a drunk and goddamn party animal! Those who know me better, know that I am fundamentally lazy and prone to days of lounging on the couch eating takeout pizza, smoking pot and watching porn for hours. The route that I have laid out for myself is pretty light on “lounge days”. There are far too few hangover days squeezed into the schedule for someone with my predilections. So, I’m expanding my schedule by about 10 days.

I am boxed in by two dates. First, as I have mentioned previously, I am taking the Total Control riding class on May 15 with Puget Sound Safety. On the other side of the calendar, I’m clinging to the hope that I can somehow attend Burning Man this year. That means that I want to roll into the Bay Area no later than August 25. That will give me a couple days to gather supplies, coordinate with whichever kind and generous souls will be hauling my food and water to The Burn and to pack.

The original plan was to leave on June 1; I dunno, it seemed like a nice round date at the time. That would have given me 86 days to get from Seattle around to the Bay Area. Based on my earlier plans I have 65 riding days. That would leave me with only 21 rest and recuperation days. Not bad, but not enough. I want to hang out in some of the cities I’ll be passing though and spend a couple days camping in some of the national forests and canyonlands. I’ll also need to set aside some time to perform maintenance on my bike.

June 1st also suffers from the fact that it falls on a Tuesday. A few riding buddies of mine have expressed a desire to ride the first day with me. It’s hard to talk workin’ folks into taking a Tuesday off of work to ride 300 miles (600 if they don’t want to take 2 days off).

So, I’ve decided to move my departure date up to Saturday May 22, 2010. That gives me 10 more days and lets anyone who wants to come along on the first day to do it over a weekend. When I first started talking about this trip I said that ideally I would have a 2-days-on 1-day-off schedule; 31 days of rest over 96 days total gets me very close to that goal.


3 Responses to “A Change of Plans – Departure Date Set”

  1. Nice writing, Rabbit. I’m impressed by your dexterous agility with the lexiconographical symbols and the adjectives…oh, and I like the smiley faces. I’ve seriously enjoyed every entry. Ride on!

  2. I love the addition of the pictures!! More of that, please.

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