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Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

Buy my gas … get a postcard!

It’s great to have friends who demand you add a Pay Pal button to your blog so that they have a way of giving you their money. These are good friends to have.

I’ve commented in private about the fact that gas is going to be the biggest drain on my savings while I ride. I am by nature a bit of a worry wart. It’s a trait shared by geeks the world over, and while I may not look it, I am most definitely a geek. The one thing that worries me most when I ponder this trip is being able to pay for gas. Trips like this are always more expensive than you expect, and the repair/gear/service/training costs have been steadily “one-hundred-dollarsing” me to death. After hearing me fret and moan about my dwindling savings, these aforementioned good friends of mine suggested that I invite the kind and generous souls of the internet to donate money to my gas fund. So, here it is (in the sidebar of the main page); all shiny and slightly desperate looking … The Pay Pal Donation Button.

To pay for gas I’m estimating that I need 30 crazy generous folks to donate $100 each, or 300 folks to donate $10 each (or some combination thereof). So, I got one heck of a deal for ya’; anyone who donates $10 or more will be added to the list of postcard recipients. You can even request that I send you a postcard from a particular location (just check the route to make sure I’ll actually be passing through there ;)).

The donation is made via Pay-Pal. Yes, if you don’t already have a Pay-Pal account they will ask you to create one (I know, it’s a pain and I really wish they would make the lives of charitable organizations like mine easier by not forcing the account creation). Once you’ve filled in the amount, and are ready to donate there is an option to “Add special instruction to seller” (click here too see an example). That is where you should tell me your name and the address to which I should mail the postcard.

Look, there is no classy way to ask people to give you money for a trip like this. But I’m hoping that sometimes it’s OK to ask for people’s help. Thank you if you’re even considering helping me out.


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