American Skid Marks
Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

The Best of Times …

Northern Idaho was brilliant. I never really believed people who told me the north part of the state was beautiful, I don’t know why, but, you know … it’s Idaho. Anyhow, the place was  beautiful. All of the morning’s warnings from Mark’s family about how cold it was going to be that day did not pan out, it was warm and sunny the whole day. In Sandpoint I stopped by a little outdoor shop to replace my forgotten sleeping bag. The folks at Outdoor Experience hooked me up. Sadly, they did not have down bags, so the synthetic one I picked up takes up an assload of room in my pack; I guess ya’ll ain’t getting all those souvenirs I promised :). Here is some proof that Idaho is beautiful:

Bridge into Sandpoint

Bridge into Sandpoint

View over Bonners Ferry

Leaving Bonners Ferry

Moyie River

Overlooking Moyie River

I felt great and pushed on into Montana.

Welcome to Montana Sign

A Whole New Timezone

Montana is made for riding your motorcycle. If you have any desire to tour on a motorcycle, you have to come here. The ride through Kootenai National Forest and beyond was spectacular.  Big blue skies, smooth curving roads and a 70 MPH speed limit combined with breathtaking forest scenery make this place into a virtual bikers Mecca. This was one of the most magical days I’ve spent on a motorcycle.

View in Kootenai National Forest

Ride Into Kootenai National Forest

Motorcycle on Montana Road

Big Sky and Bad Ass Bike

I ended the day at Flathead Lake in sight of the towering Rocky peaks outside of Glacier National Park.

Sunset at Flathead Lake

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day


5 Responses to “The Best of Times …”

  1. Dood! I was like… uh… checking it out in here and I saw that you were like, uh… in MONTANA and stuff, and that reminded me of what my brother’s cousin told me about how dry the air is there, and like, uh… Dood! Isn’t your nose bleeding? My brother’s cousin, like, said his nose got all dried out and stuff, and he didn’t have any kleenex, so like, he had to stick his finger up his nose for an hour, and then he got pulled over by a cop while he was doing 100, and the cop made him pay five dollars or something. Dood! Can you imagine paying, like, five dollars to bribe a cop? Man, they’re totally cheap over there. You could, like, hand him a happy meal and drive away at 90!

    I am so going there when I get my moped fixed.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the pictures.

  3. Awesome pics – I’m so glad that someone is getting sun.

  4. Nice Mike! I donated to your cause and I’m trying to get you a write up with the Seattle Times, Seattle Met Magazine, and Seattle Mag! Keep it up!

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