American Skid Marks
Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

… And the Worst of Times

You knew this post was coming. Alright, alright most of today was fantastic, it just ended with a ride that was so miserable it was Zen inspiring.

I woke to tap dancing raindrops on my rain fly. I rolled over and checked the weather for Glacier NP for the day. Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. I was not inspired. But it was Glacier for fucks sake! And for fucks sake it was!  So I rode, I rode toward the wall of white capped Rocky Mountain peaks in the distance.

View of the Rockies

Cloudy Montana Morning

Glacier is beautiful. The “Going to The Sun Road” does not open for another couple weeks. That makes Rabbit sad, but there was nothing for it, I’m here when I’m here and the park is … there! Even the small portion of the park that I got to see was fantastic. Montana is close enough to Seattle that I’m confident I’ll be able to get back here some other Summer to ride the road. There is no tomorrow, but there is hope.

Road Through Glacier

Road Through Glacier

McDonald Falls

McDonald Falls

McDonald Lake

McDonald Lake

Glacier View

Glacier View

Green Mountain View

View Near the End of the Road

River at the end of the road

View of Where I Can't Go 😦

Since the main road through the park is closed, I had to ride the 2 around the south side. The 2 is a great ride. I can imagine that in better weather and without the constant traffic resulting from ongoing road repairs this would be a fantastic road to snap photos on. Sadly, the weather turned nasty over Marias Pass. From Walton the clouds darkened, the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped. By the time I reached the summit, the rain was falling hard and the mercury was dipping down into the 30s. OK fine, I’m guessing, but it was colder and wetter than either Stevens Pass or the cold in Idaho on my first night.

Hwy. 2

The Last Good Weather ...

By the time I reached East Glacier, my boots were flooded, my gloves were soaked through, my fingers and toes were numb, I was shivering and struggling to hold on to the handlebars. It was singularly the worst experience I’ve had to date on a motorcycle. Wanna hear something funny? I giggled and smiled through the whole thing. In case you miss seeing my face or hearing my voice, here is me decompressing at the end of it all:

My first video diary entry!

I’ll camp in Browning tonight and hopefully get my gear dry before I finally turn South tomorrow morning.


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