American Skid Marks
Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

Cody to Yellowstone

I love Wyoming. There is something I never thought I’d say. It feels weird rolling off my tongue. Like saying, “I love Gefilte fish.” You’d hear that and say, “Oh come on, no one loves Gefilte. They more, like, tolerate it.” Oy, I love it here in Wyoming!

I rode the last of southern Montana today and crossed the Wyoming state line headed for Cody.

Montana Hills

Goodbye Montana

Wyoming Welcome Sign

Hello Wyoming!

I know this sounds naive for a guy my age, but seeing real life cowboys (and a couple cowgirls ;)) herding cattle gave me the exited tinglies. I was too shy to snap their photo.

Wyoming Cattle Country

Wyoming Cattle Country

In Cody I stopped to drink coffee and blog. I swung by Sunlight Sports; to buy some sunglasses and got some camping suggestions from the folks there. I love when shop owners enjoy their work, it makes them infinitely more helpful and friendly.

Wyoming’s state motto is “Shit! Pull over, I gotta take a picture of that!”. I could have spent an entire day pulling off the road to photograph sights on the way to Yellowstone. East of Cody the road runs through Shoshone Canyon , between bare and sheer walls of latte-foam colored stone. Further west the rock spires flanking the road turn porous and dark brown  and the vegetation grows larger and denser the closer to Yellowstone you get.

Shoshone Canyon

Shoshone Canyon

Rock Formations

Rock Formations Off The Road

Road to Yellowstone

Road to Yellowstone

I came into Yellowstone at the East gate. Not more than 5 miles into the park I could smell the sulfur on the wind, yet I was still miles from my first steam vent sighting. Up over the eastern summit the snow was still thick on the ground. Thankfully, there was no rain.

Yellowstone Gate

Gate at Yellowstone

Snowy Pass

Eastern Pass

I dropped down into the valley and caught sight of Lake Yellowstone, still largely covered with a layer of ice. It is still early in the season here, and still cold. Near the side of the road by the lake I made my first Bison sighting. I learned later that day, that I ventured dangerously close to these giant beasts; they are known for charging tourists that come too close.

Video of Lake Yellowstone.

Video of me getting close to the bison.

The ground in the Yellowstone caldera constantly oozes sulfurous steam. Around every corner I passed steam vents right off the road or coming off of the surface of rivers snaking through a wide field. In places it billows thickly straight across the road.

Steam and Bison

Hot Steamy Bison

Steam over the road

Steam Billowing Over The Road

I rode straight through a sizable chunk of the park without stopping to take many photos, I’ll have time for that in the coming days.


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