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Yellowstone Wants to Kill Me

Yellowstone is trying to break me. I spent most of today in my tent listening to snow, hail and sleet fall on my tent. During the short ten minute sun breaks I tried laying out my sopping gear to dry. No luck.

I hung my wet gear all over the inside of my tent trying to dry it out as the freezing rain fell outside (turn on the volume if you watch the video)

Looking closer at my map I noted that there were laundry facilities at Canyon Village, a mere 14 miles from my camp. I decided to brave the elements and ride out there, perhaps I’d be able to throw my gear in a dryer. Of course I chose to leave just as a hail storm hit the valley; over the pass it turned to snow that gathered and melted on my already drenched riding jacket and pants. Guess what? The laundry facility opens Monday.

Fuck it. I am a bad ass.  The snow on the way back to camp came down thick and began to accumulate on the sides of the road. I cursed Yellowstone and told her she would not kill my spirit. I laughed into my helmet and leaned hard into the corners. I rode into camp with a raging erection. Yes, I am a bad ass.


3 Responses to “Yellowstone Wants to Kill Me”

  1. Hahahaha. Yes you are, Rabbit. Yes you are.

  2. Justin and I had the same Yellowstone experience on our honeymoon. After 3 days of snow, and the coldest I’d ever been in my life, I took a dump in the woods to confuse all the wildlife and we drove off the mountain to a hotel with a giant ass hot tub.

    Oh well. I’m sure you’ll ride down a rainbow soon! Besides, the beauty of the park is something I’ll never forget.

    Let me know if you find my dump….

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