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Leaving Yellowstone, Headed For The Tetons

Yellowstone relented just a bit today. Just a bit. The snow fell as I broke camp and packed up my motorcycle, but it was light and getting lighter as the minutes passed. I had to clear snow off of my motorcycle seat in order to get going.

Snow Covered Motorcycle

Snowy Bike

First stop … the Norris Geyser Basin. This place gave me my first view of Yellowstone’s geological wonders close up. The azure blue-green steaming waters of the sulfur pools, the hissing of the steam vents and the gurgling of the small geysers here were truly alien; yet many of the sounds were strangely organic, like the less glamorous bodily functions of a large beast.

Blue Sulfur Pool

Sulfur Pool at Norris

Steamboat Geyser

Hisses and Steams Like a Steam Engine

From Norris I headed south toward Old Faithful. The real treat along this stretch was a chance to see an erupting geyser at the Fountain Paint Pot turn out.

Blue Pool


Bubbling mud pots

Muddy Blurblers

Erupting geyser vid.
Gurgling spout vid.

The gurgling mud pools and fumaroles were interesting, but you can’t beat the drama of a 40 foot jet of boiling water blasting out of the ground. It would have been great to see Old Faithful blasting 130 feet into the sky, but from the time I arrived there, Yellowstone’s most famous landmark still had an hour and a half before erupting. I lack patience. Onward and Southward.

If you’re ever in Yellowstone, keep in mind that there is a pass between just about every little settlement. Grant Village and the Southern entrance are no different. Blah blah cold blah blah Yellowstone hates me … Lewis Falls was nice!

Crossing the Continental Divide

Just Like a Pioneer!!!

Lewiis Falls

Lewis Falls

Beyond Lewis Lake and Falls I rode through the South Yellowstone entrance and into Grand Teton National Park!

I do not shit you. OK, from time to time, I will shit you. But in this instance I do not. Ten miles out of Yellowstone and into the Tetons and the sun started peaking out through the clouds. I told you Yellowstone hated me; The Tetons welcomed me with open arms and sunshine! The Tetons are amazing in that they are just a short stretch of mountains, but they pack a whole lot of awesome into a small package. They’re like a neutron star of awesome! Snort!

Er … here are some pictures:


Concentrated Awesome!

Grand Teton

Never Did See the Top

Tonight I ate barbecue in Jackson, Wyoming and am staying the night in a hostel at the base of Jackson Hole ski resort. Tomorrow I ride to Utah and Salt Lake City.


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