American Skid Marks
Setting out on a great American motorcycle roadtrip.

Rocky Mountain Crappery and Boulder

I had a fantastic nights sleep and a fantastic mornings breakfast in Steamboat Springs. The countryside is beautiful out here; I’m really getting a feeling for the immenseness of the American West. The mountains, canyons and plains just never end. Today was warm an dry; fantastic riding weather.

Plains Outside Steamboat Springs

Rocky Mountain Plains Outside Steamboat Springs

I rode up and over Rabbit Ears Pass outside of Steamboat Springs . OK, do your best Pam Cat Voice: “Rabbit rode over Rabbit Ears Pass???”. Awww fuck, that’s cute.

Rabbit Ears Pass

Rabbit Ears Pass

Remember the picture of that mean looking military chopper in Vernal City? OK, this is even better:

Helicopter Gunship

Wiskey, ... Tango ... Foxtrot?

In case you missed it, that is mounted on the grounds of a  high school. I’d bet that’s one campus the military isn’t having a hard time recruiting from. Get military recruiters out of our high schools? Out here, they’re sponsoring the fucking prom.

Eastward through the mountains the road rolled through some angry looking canyons, the rocks looked like broken gnarled fangs.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Rocky Cliffs

Big Pointy Teeth!

I missed the turn off for Rocky Mountain National Park at Granby, CO. Instead I rode up and over the pass south of Winter Park on Highway 40. Now, if you’re a motorcyclist and you’re thinking, “Ooooh, look at that twisty road. That must have been fun!” If you’re thinking that, then stop it. This road was in the worst condition I’ve yet experienced on this trip. Twisty? Yes. Fun? Hell, no! Ruts, cracks, loose gravel, sand and road closures … oh my! The view was nice from near the top, but not a road I recommend in its current state.

On the far side I realized that I had missed the turnoff and …

  1. Bitched
  2. Cursed
  3. Complained
  4. Got over it and …

… I rode Highway 6 through a beautiful twisty canyon that follows a river down into Boulder, CO. This would have been a great place to open up the throttle. Sadly, traffic had the twists ground down to speed limit. Maybe next time.

Canyon River

View off Highway 6

Boulder I love! I want to go back to college just so that I can go to UCB and live in Boulder. I ate Mexican food, sampled some fantastic tequila (Oro Azul Anejo is awesome) and drank a large beer sampler at BJ’s Brewhouse in downtown Boulder. I’m staying at a great hostel tonight and plan to make the journey out to finaly see Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Rocky Mountain Crappery and Boulder”

  1. WE met up with you in Clarksdale MS, what a pleasure talking to you. Hope you continue to have a safe journey, what an incredible trip!

    • Ha! I love the email address. I was born in Russia!

      It’s great to hear from you. I don’t know if you’ve made it back to Georgia yet or not, but I wish you continued safe travels. I’m loving the blues CD I picked up in that little shop you led me to.

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