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Never Mind, It’s the … um … Regulator Rectifier?

A quick update on the bike:

The folks at Santa Fe Motorsports have been back and forth on determining the cause of my electrical issues. Their lead tech came in on his day off to double check the issue and now believes that it is not the stator after all, but something called the “regulator rectifier”. My worst fear is that both the “reg-rec” and the stator are bad and I’ll have to replace the lot. Worse yet, is the fear that I won’t definitively know that the stator is bad until I’m a hundred miles from the nearest motorcycle shop and my bike breaks down again. 😦

By the way let me emphasize this point: Their lead tech came in on his day off to double check the diagnostics they had run. If you’re a motorcyclist in the Santa Fe area, I want to tell you that the service department at Santa Fe Motorsports has done nothing but right by me so far. They have answered all of my questions and gone above and beyond to get me rolling again.

A quick update on me:

Sadly, I’ve been battling what I’m assuming is the flu the last few days. I’ve been sporting a fever between 99.0 and 100.5 and running to the bathroom every hour to purge the few morsels of bread that I’ve been able to consume. So, rather than taking the last few days to really see Santa Fe, I’ve been laying in bed trying to stay hydrated and feeling sorry for myself.

It’s Tuesday now and I’m feeling much better than I have the past two days. I’m still a bit woozy and I’m going to take it easy today, bum around the hostel I’m staying in and try to update this blog with some long overdue back posts. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the road by Thursday morning; heck, if my luck changes and the stars line up, I may be in Taos tomorrow night.


2 Responses to “Never Mind, It’s the … um … Regulator Rectifier?”

  1. I hope you’re feeling much better today! There must be something about New Mexico – I had sickness too when I was there last year. Not enjoyable.

    I love your posts; they’re so well written and fun to read.

    Big hugs to you…

  2. Great web site! Did you know it’s one of the top hits under Skidmark?

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